Helix Hospitality relocate corporate office

Chicago-based Helix Hospitality announces the relocation of its corporate office from Lombard, Ill., to 1101 N. Prospect Avenue, Itasca, Ill.

Helix Hospitality, a multi-faceted hospitality company whose primary services include hotel investment, ownership, management and construction/renovation, is pleased to announce the relocation of its corporate office from Lombard, Ill., to 1101 N. Prospect Avenue, Itasca, Ill.

“Outgrowing our current 3,000-square-foot office, which we’ve called home for the last seven years, is a bittersweet but exciting shift. Moving to a larger and more modern facility gives us the ability to continue growing through our current – and future – economic cycles,” said Shreyas “JR” Patel, President and COO.

Partners for the project were selected strategically by Helix Hospitality to ensure thoughtful collaboration and quality workmanship. Designed by The Interior Design Group Ltd. and contracted by Hanna Design Group, Inc., the new space will span approximately 5,250 square feet. Furnishings sourced via Kentwood and financed by AILCO, along with design elements from Helix brand partners, were incorporated to achieve a modern, technology-forward sensibility.

The new office reflects Helix’s growth, culture and evolution toward sustainability and includes a balance of collaborative workspaces and private offices. Key features include sound-absorbing baffles; motion- and sound-controlled lighting; modular glass wall systems; and controls that continuously measure natural light to adjust and seamlessly complement LED lighting. Additionally, smart temperature sensors and thermostats were installed to constantly optimize energy efficiency and comfort level.

About The Interior Design Group Ltd.

Since 1985, The Interior Design Group Ltd. has provided unparalleled design service that focuses on building partnerships. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to develop stunning and functional spaces that exceed their expectations. Our team of dedicated professionals brings an easy to work with, hands-on approach to every project.

About Hanna Design Group, INC

Hanna Design Group, INC (HDG) started as a retail consulting group in 1992. Clearly, our clients required more, and in 1995 construction became an important part of our business. HDG has the unique ability to adapt to the specialized needs of each client and deliver a project from concept to completion.

HDG has evolved into three departments: Architecture, Interior Design and Construction. As we look to the future, our success continues to come from partnerships with our clients.