Quartzene gives highest fire protection class for wooden buildings
Quartzene gives highest fire protection class for wooden buildings.

Svenska Aerogel’s nanotechnology with Quartzene adds new and improved functions to materials. A relevant technology to the construction industry’s ambitions for climate smart solutions. A new transparent paint with Quartzene as the key ingredient for fire protection to wooden buildings is under development. Test results from October show that the highest fire protection class was achieved in all tests.

The higher fire protection rating would increase the potential to build taller wooden buildings in a safer way with sustainability thinking. People´s safety, reduced environmental impact, protection of valuable property as well as less material consumption and shorter construction time. Benefits that directly respond to the need for sustainable, cost-effective solutions in the industry.

The initial hypothesis testing began as early as 2018 and was part-financed by Bioinnovation (Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas). The purpose is to develop a paint for outdoor use on wood that achieves the highest possible fire protection class. After seeing very good results, a decision was quickly made to proceed with the development and stage 2 started September 1, 2018 and runs until April 2020. Svenska Aerogel AB, Worlée-Chemie, Germany, Rise Research Institutes of Sweden and Linné University participate in the project.