Schmidt Hammer Lassen Will Design the Masterplan For a New Waterfront District in Bodø, Norway

Utviklingsområde Vest in Bodø, Norway will become a natural extension of the existing city centre and its main thoroughfares.

Beyond the arctic circle lies the city of Bodø, a former fisherman’s village and now one of the fastest growing cities in Norway. Driving west of the city center along Moloveien, a stretch of industrial buildings along the waterfront emerges. It is here that Schmidt Hammer Lassen will design the masterplan for a new district aimed at attracting new residents and activity to Bodø, and tying together green spaces and the Norwegian Sea.

Utviklingsområde Vest, the new 34,000-square-metre district west of downtown Bodø and north of the local airport, will become a natural extension of the existing city centre and its main thoroughfares. Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s flexible masterplan design aims to draw city life to the area where green parks meet the waterfront, while making way for a variety of building typologies and urban qualities. Important connections, sightlines, and local character will be maintained.

“Our vision for the masterplan is to reactivate the waterfront and create a strong connection between the new development and downtown Bodø. By enhancing the best of Bodø, we aim to draw more residents and visitors to the city,” says Kristan Ahlmark, Partner and Design Director, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

A 400-metre public promenade will create a new lively atmosphere at the water’s edge, while Molopladsen, a new public square, will become a gathering place for residents and visitors alike. Molopladsen will become an important node in the city where the city centre, the popular Moloen pier, the nearby airport, and the new Utviklingsområde Vest developments meet.

“Moloveien, a road running parallel to the shore, becomes the starting point for the project, where the active green area to the south is connected to the harbor bath, the pier and the naval site to the north,” says Kristan Ahlmark.

The masterplan for Utviklingsområde Vest is the sum of two parts – the coastline and the public park.

The new park-facing buildings will respond to the current low-level structures in place today, while the taller seaside buildings that step down towards the water will create a dense city structure that maximizes views of the Norwegian Sea.